American Slaves, Inc.

Identification of an American People

The major obstruction in the advancement of the “African American” culture is that the people of our present-day culture are separated from our true identity. First, few of us understand the origin of our existence. Second, we do not have an accurate perception of how slaves helped mold and shape the America that exists today. Descendants of slaves must stop responding to the emotional stereotypes that too many among us use when identifying ourselves and learn to accept and activate the power of who we truly are, namely: Descendants of American Slaves.

Who Benefits

Programmatic initiatives are designed to assist any man, woman or child whose ancestors were brought from abroad and bred in America in order to produce humans for slavery. Emphasis is placed on programs for slave descendants and their communities who are victimized by societal injustices due to poverty, poor education, crime, social dependency and limited external resources. American Slaves, Inc. also benefits our entire nation by promoting true awareness about the socioeconomic plight of the descendants of American slaves.

Who Can Be Involved

American Slaves, Inc. seeks men, women and children who are willing to take a proactive stance toward implementing its mission and core objectives. The organization challenges those descendants who are teachers, preachers, business professionals and community leaders to volunteer their time, efforts and creative leadership toward solving a full range of problems affecting descendants of American slaves and our communities.

How to Become Empowered

Descendants of slaves and whites working together could utilize resources that are wasted annually by the public and private sectors. A concerted effort by all citizens is needed to shepherd the descendants of slaves into the American mainstream.

How to Get Started

Individuals needing more information as well as those interested in becoming volunteers in this humanitarian effort can contact the organization at:

American Slaves, Inc.
Norris Shelton: President
2100 West Muhammad Ali Blvd.
Louisville, Kentucky 40212
Phone: (502) 939-6688

Establishing Unity Through Democracy

This is a just, long overdue movement and is open to any and all — regardless of race, creed or color — who are supportive of banding together to bring focus, cohesiveness and justice to the descendants of American slaves. The group’s goal is to plant pride in the descendants of American slaves and demonstrate how we, as a people, can speak as one. To move forward, we and our leaders must come together for the common good.

American Slaves, Inc.

“African American” leaders are self-appointed! It’s high time that descendants of slaves have a say in who speaks for and represents our culture, by using the democratic process!

Mission & Core Objectives

The goal of American Slaves, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Kentucky organization, incorporated July 3, 2001, is to link descendants of American slaves to true social and economic independence.

Our mission is to educate, empower and enlighten America on the plight and promise of the descendants of American slaves while creating strategies that identify true emancipation from government dependency. This can be achieved by:

Serving as a key organization in supporting American Slave History as a core curriculum in K-12 public and private school education.

Leading on local and national levels in motivational and strategic development for communities to empower citizens and leadership to challenge established systems and programs with accountability to serve the descendants of American slaves.

Establishing a global economic system of finance and business development that transitions slave descendant-owned businesses from start-up into mainstream.

Serving as a national facilitator of black actors, directors, producers and entertainers to portray descendants of American slaves in a positive and encouraging light.

Promoting legislative consciousness among federal and national leaders to recognize the history and contributions of American slaves.

Providing resources and funding to youth and adults that encourage the core competencies of the American spirit, family unity, community engagement, and economic development.

Our mission and core objectives are designed to accurately identify, legalize, and recognize the descendants of American slaves and to effectively integrate this group of individuals into mainstream America.