“The descendants of slaves are moving. The slow awakening of the descendants of slaves has caused some movement, but much more dialogue is needed, all across America. We can attain and hold our rightful place in America if we all know where that place is. I say: Forward slave descendants! Organize, organize, organize.”

Henry Owens
Citizen Activist

“Mr. Shelton’s book opens the door to a new era in race relations. Racism and the legacy of slavery hold us all back, whether we realize it or not. American Slaves, Inc. creates the possibility of real change.”

— Fausta Martin
Licensed Psychological Practitioner

America’s Little Black Book is the written words and thoughts of our awakening as a people. It delves deep into our core being to unveil our shame and is the light to True Freedom for us all. As a proud, identified and acclaimed descendent of slaves I am certain that my work with American Slaves, Inc. will be a guide to help others find that light.”

— Del Swain
Owner, SBS Services

“Who am I is the prevailing theme of this exciting and informative book. Not knowing who we are may often create barriers to where we go and what we accomplish. Many people perish because of lack of knowledge and this book provides an opportunity to gain knowledge in a clear, concise and intentional manner to enrich our lives. The cumulative format of the book leaves no doubt as to whom we are, where we are now and how we may progress to the next level.

“There is no need to continually do what we have always done; therefore, continually get what we have always gotten. America’s Little Black Book by Norris Shelton challenges us to receive what is rightfully ours and to ask critical questions that will “light a fire” under the feet of elected officials and unofficial spokespersons of our community to do their job.

“In our schools, a disproportionate number of blacks are underachieving. National studies indicate that building a culture in our schools that embraces diversity ultimately enhances the learning environment; therefore, achievement gaps will be closed. I challenge schools and universities to train teachers to understand who blacks are so that we may build meaningful relationships that encourage and promote high expectations for all. America’s Little Black Book is the guide to that quest.

“As I read the book, I was convinced, motivated and inspired to find a way to help unlock the doors of our children’s minds to the wondrous gifts that are available to them once they are free to think, free to ask thought-provoking questions, and free to access the fruits our this country despite prejudices. This freedom comes from the renewal of the minds and knowing the truth about their American history.

I personally challenge you to read the book; then share key findings with your family and other friends. As an educator, I recognize that our children do not know who they are; therefore, the images they emulate are not acceptable. When they know their history, a sense of pride will envelop them, and they can begin to make valuable contributions back to our society.”

—Dr. Louise Byrd
Education Committee

America’s Little Black Book is a thought-provoking, stimulating read. The author challenges the reader to overcome existing beliefs and entertain the notion of current social and professional status as an American slave. The book further reveals that the aftereffects of the slave experience have transcended time and are manifested in present day-to-day experiences. Finally, the knowledge exchange is enlightening to the open mind, allowing one to finally shed the shackles of mental and physical restrictions.”

— Dr. Michael D. Dailey
Education Committee

“After reading the book, I understand how the need for black leadership is imperative, if we are to work in conjunction with the political establishment to bring the black community into the socio-economic mainstream of America.”

— Jim Halvatgis
Retired Military

Meeting the author of this courageous summary of the troubles of descendents of American slaves did not make me angry, as I thought it might. His book makes sense: simple observations that make a clean concise point. We learn why slave descendents have not faired well in school even when their IQ’s show they should succeed, why prisons are big business and why our people fill them in larger percentages than other ethnic groups. Thanks, Norris Shelton, for America’s Little Black Book.”

— Shelia D. Boyd
Catering Consultant

“I offer my endorsement of American Slaves, Inc., including the messages outlined by author Norris Shelton in America’s Little Black Book and the mission and vision of ASI that emerges from Mr. Shelton’s work.

“I have served as an educator committed to multicultural education for 16 years. My experiences in teaching and teacher education as well as my research in both areas all highlight several needs addressed by ASI and America’s Little Black Book. First, in order for youth to succeed, they must see and acknowledge themselves as an important part of American history. Next, they must critically and realistically confront and examine the issues at hand in exploring the past and present with respect to the history of slavery. Third, they must be part of a problem-solving process where their actions have impact.

“Since I currently teach a university course, Developing Cross Cultural Competence, to practicing teachers and those planning to teach, I am well aware of the concerns that both new and experienced teachers have about supporting African American students. Within the mission and vision of ASI and America’s Little Black Book these teachers and others can find a message of hope and of direction. Ultimately, this message is for all who believe that a people who can reach their true potential will ultimately benefit every American.”

— Dr. Shelley Thomas
Education Committee

“This book captures the essence of the African experience and its impact on African Americans, socially, psychologically, educationally and spiritually. We should infuse some of this information into the
public school curriculum.”

— Dr. Roger C. Cleveland
Education Committee

“After being introduced to Norris Shelton’s work, America’s Little Black Book, from an artist’s perspective, I see the possibilities for plays, films, documentaries, etc. As a concerned citizen, I see it being a textbook offered in curriculums across America. As a descendent of slaves, I now have identity.”

— William Neely
Sales & Marketing Consultant

America’s Little Black Book acts as a bridge and compass for me. The book reminds us of the purpose of slavery from the very beginning: good old American economics. Given the harsh reality of American slavery, this brutal era of our country’s history must be included in abundant detail, in school curriculum development, at all levels. American Slaves, Inc. encourages slave descendants to work together and seeks to bridge our way to another way of thinking.”

Let’s develop a dialogue. Join me in our ongoing discussion on our affiliated blog.

— Virgil Boyd
former Executive Director, ASI

“Too many Americans are indifferent toward the injustices that stem from slavery, even though the aftereffects still plague our nation today. Here is a fresh perspective on racial issues that could help pave the way for the continued advancement of the descendants of American slaves.”

— James E. Reed
Communications Consultant

Mission & Core Objectives

The goal of American Slaves, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Kentucky organization, incorporated July 3, 2001, is to link descendants of American slaves to true social and economic independence.

Our mission is to educate, empower and enlighten America on the plight and promise of the descendants of American slaves while creating strategies that identify true emancipation from government dependency. This can be achieved by:

Serving as a key organization in supporting American Slave History as a core curriculum in K-12 public and private school education.

Leading on local and national levels in motivational and strategic development for communities to empower citizens and leadership to challenge established systems and programs with accountability to serve the descendants of American slaves.

Establishing a global economic system of finance and business development that transitions slave descendant-owned businesses from start-up into mainstream.

Serving as a national facilitator of black actors, directors, producers and entertainers to portray descendants of American slaves in a positive and encouraging light.

Promoting legislative consciousness among federal and national leaders to recognize the history and contributions of American slaves.

Providing resources and funding to youth and adults that encourage the core competencies of the American spirit, family unity, community engagement, and economic development.

Our mission and core objectives are designed to accurately identify, legalize, and recognize the descendants of American slaves and to effectively integrate this group of individuals into mainstream America.