Ed Hintze

Party Chairman of
Descendants of
American Slaves
Political Party

My name is ED Hintze. I am an 88-year-old white American. I am crippled and almost totally blind. I promised the late Bishop Clifford Butler that I would help descendants of American slaves make it to the economic battlefield that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. told American slaves to go to when they were misidentified as Negroes. Realizing that only the truth will set descendants of American slaves free socially, politically and economically, I came out of retirement to speak truth and represent the black community as the Party Chairman of the Descendants of American Slaves Political Party. Even though misidentified as African Americans, as of 2022, descendants of American slaves made up a large part of 41.57 million African Americans voters. I have been given the authority to speak and act on behalf of the American Slave Nation.
February 10, 2024, I was awarded the “Living Legends Award” by “Descendants of American Slaves Ministerial Alliance” in Louisville, Kentucky, for the work that I have done for black America in the past. I am really upset with black politicians, preachers and other black leaders because of the sorry job they are doing leading American slaves. In my opinion, the black vote is key to presidential elections and making America great for the first time. I have sworn to make sure the American Slave Nation’s voice is heard.
Ed Hintze

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