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The major obstruction in the advancement of the “African American” culture is that the people of our present-day culture are separated from our true identity. First, few of us understand the origin of our existence. Second, we do not have an accurate perception of how slaves helped mold and shape the America that exists today. Descendants of slaves must stop responding to the emotional stereotypes that too many among us use when identifying ourselves and learn to accept and activate the power of who we truly are, namely: Descendants of American Slaves.


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Our Story


Norris Shelton underwent a racial awakening that took him on a journey seeking his true ethnic identity. This experience, he reports, allowed him to view America without the normal prejudices the average American has inherited. His journey took him to the very depths of American consciousness. Scrutinizing true American history, he determined there is an ongoing injustice in America, an atrocious crime that is being covered up. He asked himself: Should this injustice be allowed to continue? If so, why? What is the justification? Why is such obvious inequality in a country that boasts of freedom for all allowed to continue? When he tried to explain his findings, even to his closest associates, he discovered that, because of bigotry, fear and shame, his summation was far too enigmatic for the average American, black or white, to fully appreciate.


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American Slaves, Inc.

Identification of an American People

The American Slave Movement started in 1865, when American slaves were released from corporal slavery. It surged in 1955, when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was leading American slaves when they were misidentified as Negroes. It came to dreadful halt April 4, 1968, when Dr. King was assassinated. It stayed on hold until 1983, when Norris Shelton became “Minority Entrepreneur of  the Year in Manufacturing.”  It started moving toward the economic battlefield in 2001, when he incorporated American Slaves, Inc. in Kentucky. Dr. Norris Shelton has authored twenty-five books that reconstruct the paper trail of slavery and reconnect descendants of American slaves to American slaves. All books contain uncontaminated knowledge that has not been tampered with or altered by  uninformed educators.

The Vision…

Even though diverse ethnic groups reside in America, Norris Shelton realized that talking openly about racial issues is an unwelcome area of discussion. However, a racial breakthrough of this magnitude (the disregarded history of the American Slaves and the continuing journey of their descendants) is far too important not to be shared and expounded upon. This heretofore overlooked hypothesis could advance an entire nation of abused people and shouldn’t stay covered up. Consequently, he realized it would take in-depth writing to explain what he has uncovered and felt duty-bound to spell out and share his findings. America’s Little Black Book, is an examination of the very foundation of one of America’s largest ethnic entities. It may well become the “American Slaves’ Bible.”

The Challenge…

Here are some defining questions he was faced with when first contemplating this work: What purpose does the cover up of slavery serve other than to deny justice to the descendants of those who helped build our great country? Why does America celebrate “Black History Month” and not “American Slave History Month?” The act of slavery was an atrocious act that still affects the descendants of slaves. Why isn’t it more freely discussed? Why are so many Americans afraid of the facts of slavery? Since America sings of the “land of the free and the home of the brave,” why would proud Americans fear correcting such an atrocious act that was committed against humanity?
Shelton found that
 the average American would rather not deal with the ugliness of slavery; that it is easier to let slavery and the descendants of slaves stay cloaked in obscurity. Most Americans who have a voice in government, and who proclaim to be honorable, would rather be politically correct than be fair or honorable. They would rather not take a chance on disturbing their individual power bases.

His Realization & Response…

Those who have wealth, power and the wherewithal to bring this horrible injustice out into the open have gotten used to America being a prejudiced country; could it be they simply would rather not complicate their luxurious lifestyles by helping those who are being abused? The truth is: Far from a benign neglect, America has developed a malignant indifference toward the inherited injustices that stem from slavery, even though the aftereffects of slavery still plague our homeland. Enduring the intolerable has become a way of life for too many of us.
The author searched until he found a way to assist the descendants of American Slaves in achieving a revitalization of their quest for true freedom, a renewal of the dream of an entire people. His newly published book, America’s Little Black Book, recalls those human beings who were bred in America to be slaves, examines the persistent aftereffects of slavery and paves the way for a racial-relations breakthrough

America's Little Black Book

You Can Help Descendants of American Slaves

America’s Little Black Book is our wakeup call!

Please don’t miss the message! Descendants of slaves’ cultural potential is being wasted because we simply don’t know who we are! The only common denominator that links all descendants of slaves together and makes us who we are is slavery in America — not thinking we’re Africans! Now it’s time for our resolve to be tested. We must not be too ignorant to realize who we are. We must not be too ashamed to accept who we are. We must learn to love who we are. Then we must cast aside inherited fear, stand boldly and proclaim to the world who we are! The purest essence of love starts within female descendants of slaves! You can no longer sit idly by while our young men are dying by the masses. Wake up! Stand up! Then speak up, with conviction! You have been suppressed far too long! Let the world know that you are the mothers of our culture, and you’ve had enough of your men being submerged in ignorance, dying from violence, waiting for welfare, and learning only disrespect! You are so powerful and so beautiful. It’s time to embrace your true culture. Your help is desperately needed to help turn our people around!

If we pull together, we could be so much more than mere second-class citizens. American Slaves, Inc. is our support. America’s Little Black Book is our guide. We must learn to work together for the common good. Our culture has been wittingly lulled to sleep. It’s time to wake up! Do not miss our racial “awakening!”

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