The High-Cost of Teaching Ignorance


Black Educators Must Learn The Art of “Independent Thinking…”



American slaves are going through yet another period of mental delusion and racial misidentification. When Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was leading American slaves, they were misidentified as “Negroes.” After Dr. King was assassinated, descendants of American slaves were misidentified as Africans, aka African Americans. 

Descendants of American slaves are not Africans: They are American slaves. The American Slave culture is confused. The people are taught how to be ignorant. Teaching ignorance to American slaves started in 1865, when America told American slaves they were “free.” American slaves aren’t free. Slavery was 90% psychological and 10% physical. The physical chains were removed from American slaves’ bodies, but the “psychological chain” that controls 90% of American slaves’ being, has yet to be addressed and is still firmly intact.

Black educators are hurting their people a lot more than the ghetto thug wreaking havoc in black (inner-city) neighborhoods. Slave descendants can overcome the thug waiting in the darkness to rob, pillage and kill them individually, but cannot survive this stage of their ethnic growth if they remain misidentified and colleges and universities keep mis-educating the masses. 

America’s education system is allowing the American Slave Nation to be misidentified as a ‘subsidiary’ of Africa. When educators verbalize racial ignorance, no matter where they are speaking, or who is listening, they are teaching racial ignorance. Every learning institution in America is teaching ignorance when they refer to American slaves as Africans, aka African Americans. 

Racial mis-identification and cultural mis-education are unjust death sentences levied against the American Slave Nation! These evils lead to ethnic starvation, which leads to cultural genocide. If descendants of American slaves are to survive in America’s bigoted economic society, racial upgrade is urgently needed. American slaves must be recognized as America’s offspring culture, tutored properly and identified as American slaves by American colleges and universities. 

Dr. Norris Shelton, PhD, ASH, is challenging colleges and universities to an ignorance/intelligence/commonsense duel. Open debate will reveal the raw, untainted truth of slavery. Only the truth of slavery that has been carefully concealed will upgrade American slaves,’ slave mentality and set them free…


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