American Slaves, Inc. Renaissance Plan


The plan that will raise the American slave culture from depression and ignorance and restore them to intelligence and profitability.
By Norris Shelton


The aftereffects of slavery have been growing in America since the end of corporal slavery. This unstable influence is seemingly encouraged to fester unimpeded. Because of misplaced shame, openly discussing slavery is painful to many and a taboo topic even in circles where dialogue is necessary to ensure the stability of our country. If allowed to worsen, simmering racial discontentment could turn into a crisis.

It is the goal of American Slaves, Inc. to help remedy the situation and work to ensure a peaceful coexistence between Descendants of American Slaves and other American cultures. Here's our plan:
American Slaves, Inc. is proud to present our ground-breaking Renaissance Plan. Printed in Louisville, the 101-page book was written by Norris Shelton and is published under the auspices of American Slaves, Inc., an organization whose mission is to facilitate the efforts of the descendants of American slaves to overcome the persistent aftereffects of slavery by educating the descendants of slaves as to who they are and the benefits of being who they are.

American Slaves Inc. Renaissance Plan, The Next Step Forward is available in paperback (ISBN: 978-0-9765417-6-9), at $11.95, but you can order right it here for a mere $10.00.


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