Cotton Comes to America

Explains the mechanics of American slaves making “cotton king.”
By Norris Shelton



This book was written to acknowledge those descendants of American slaves who have gained enough intelligence to realize that they are American slaves and understand what that means in the business world.

Cotton Comes to America was written to prove that the American slave culture does exist and that they were bred in America to pick cotton during the time when “cotton was king.” Confused black leaders -- who are really American slaves thinking they are African Americans -- demonstrate that most black leaders don’t understand their ethnicity.

The surname, American slaves, is not a part of public record. To “help a people” in an economic society, help must be administered legally, documented properly, and then made public. And that is the problem. American slaves are not logged into America’s paper trail under our identifiable, cultural name. We are misidentified as Africans and therefore misrepresented.

Cotton Comes to America was written to show that America’s tax system is setup so mega corporations that sprang from slavery and the cotton business can get tax breaks for contributing to nonprofit organizations that distribute help to descendants of American slaves.

American slaves’ name being omitted from America’s economic roll call should be considered a “high-crime.” Cultural omission and racial exclusion are the highest forms of racial discrimination in America’s business society. Together, they starve entire cultures to genocide.

To quote Charles Baudelaire, born in Paris, France, April 9, 1821: “Thegreatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” To quote Norris Shelton, born in Tallapoosa, Georgia, February 10, 1937: “The greatest trick America ever pulled was convincing the world that the American slave culture doesn’t exist.” America’s trick outdid the devil’s trick by a country-mile. Simply because we can’t see the devil. We see the consequences of the devil’s evilness. America’s trick is greater than the devil’s trick because we see descendants of American slaves all around us every day, all day — even when we look in a mirror! We interact with American slaves daily — still we don’t believe the American slave culture exist. Devil, you go hide your head in shame.

America stick your chest out and take a bow — you outdid the devil.

First printing, July 2018
ISBN: 978-0-9998862-3-6
Library of Congress Control Number: 2018951130


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