American Slave Movement In Real Time


Explains that slavery is the greatest event in American History.
By Norris Shelton


The crime of slavery was committed by man, but was authorized by God … From slavery sprang the “American Slave Nation …” No matter the ethnicity of the rapist, nor hue of the offspring, birth, especially the birth of the “American Slave Nation,” is a blessed event by all measures and should be honored wholly by humanity and celebrated accordingly …

When we open the American Slave Movement In Real Time, because of the title, we expect to read a story about the hate, pain and suffering that slavery caused. The author says, "Enough is enough. One hundred and fifty years of wallowing in self-pity, self-shame and misery is really too much. There has to be a better way for descendants of American slaves to live in America."

The author, an incurable optimist, searched until he found a better way. Knowing there are two sides to every coin, he took an unbiased, loving look at slavery through eight-year-old eyes that have gained experience and intelligence. Because of the knowledge he acquired in industry, he is able to explain the ‘other side’ of slavery: the good side.

The American Slave Movement In Real Time takes you on a journey where you will experience an entirely new awareness regarding slavery in America. You will gain intelligence that arouses deep, pent-up feelings, but they are not hostile; they are instead sympathetic and understanding. As we delve into the pages, we wince at the pain of mother American giving birth to a new Nation, but we rejoice knowing the offspring of slavery is God’s gift to America.

The author says, "Slavery is one of the greatest events in the history of America. Unfortunately, we can’t see the greatness of slavery because cultural ignorance is blocking our view. Not realizing that it is descendants of American slaves who are culturally depressed, and not African Americans, America’s administration is allowing racial discrimination to run rampant. Today, discrimination presents itself in the form of visible violence between blacks and whites. Ignorance and discrimination work their way through the courts, the legislatures, and a range of government bureaucracies with little effort and less notice. Discrimination wreaks havoc subtly, almost imperceptibly; too imperceptibly for a nation that only reacts to what it can see and hear. Discrimination is not the Klan. Discrimination doesn’t have to wear sheets, burn crosses or take to the streets. Working the halls of power, discrimination can achieve its ends far more effectively and, because of weak black leadership, descendants of American slaves are none the wiser."

First printing, November 2017
ISBN: 978-0-9765417-8-3
Library of Congress Control Number: 2017916950


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