400 Years of Slavery


Commemorates four-hundred years of slavery in America.
By Norris Shelton


All books have been written to reconstruct the paper trail of slavery and “reconnect” descendants of American slaves to American slaves.  All books contain uncontaminated knowledge, intelligence that has not been tampered with, or altered by educators. To lead descendants of American slaves to the economic battlefield, black leaders need an action plan, one that is constructed around core-pride.

Core-pride is a GIFT FROM GOD. It is the only remedy strong enough to override the pitiful condition the American salve culture inherited from slavery. America and the American Slave Nation are both built on Four-hundred Years of Slavery.

There is great pride in American slaves being the only offspring culture of America. This book explains that the American slaves must stop being ashamed that we are American slaves. It is not our fault that American slaves were bred to be ignorant: It was against the law for slaves to know how to read and write. Withholding knowledge breeds ignorance. Ignorance is common and widespread among human beings because ignorance is inheritable. We are all ignorant of something. While there is no shame in American slaves being ignorant, there is shame in us remaining ignorant in the midst of intelligence. Four-hundred Years of Slavery brings covered-up intelligence to the table.

Looking at  slavery from an ignorant point of view, one would ask: Why would an American slave want to celebrate four-hundred years of slavery? Slavery hasn’t helped descendants of American slaves…”That is an intelligent question, but an ignorant summation. Slavery is the greatest act to ever happen in America. Without slavery, American slaves wouldn’t have been birthed in America. We are the product that slavery created. This book illustrates that slavery is lying in wait to help descendants of American slaves. Yes, slavery was illegal — but slavery worked! And, we survived!

Thank God for “400 Years of Slavery.”

First printing, January 2019
ISBN: 978-0-9998862-4-3
Library of Congress Control Number: 2018967037


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