Louisville Metro Council


Exposes racial discrimination in Louisville’s Administration.
By Norris Shelton


Investigating Louisville Kentucky Metropolitan Council

Louisville Metro Council is a must-read that deals with race relations in Louisville, Kentucky, close-up. "Race relations" Louisville and all over America boils down to descendants of American slaves’ inability to compete against other cultures for America’s economic wealth. Descendants of American slaves are not in the running for America’s wealth. American slaves were never formed into a team, and that is the only way cultures can run in this race.

Descendants of American slaves don’t realize that cultures compete for America’s wealth. Ignorance keeps us from even knowing there is a race. This scenario is just one snippet of the negative aftereffects of slavery. Hiding the facts of slavery and speaking generically about the negative aftereffects of human bondage has not worked. It is time to get up-close and personal.

It took years of research and development, but I finally came up with a plan how to upgrade inner-cities across America. It is called the American Slaves, Inc. renaissance Plan. The cost to implement the plan is negligible. I have asked politicians to introduce the plan to Louisville Metro Council. They refused. When I told them if they didn’t introduce the plan, I would expose them to whites as being stupid slaves, they beat me to the punch and told whites I was stupid that I was bragging I was an American slave and they should steer clear of me and not believe a word I say.

Whites used the misunderstood truth to be apathetic about the seriousness of America’s racial situation. Yes, I am an American slave; and I do brag about it, but whites shouldn’t have taken black leaders’ advice to stay away from me and not believe a word I say. Excluding the one person who uncovered the truth of slavery and searched until he found a way stop the murders and crime in West Louisville ended communication between blacks and whites about a dangerous racial situation.

First printing, May 2018
ISBN: 978-0-9998862-2-9
Library of Congress Control Number: 2018944530


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