PhD in the Ghetto


Explains that black educators are miseducating the American Slave Nation.
By Norris Shelton


"Reparations For Slavery"

PhD in the Ghetto is inscribed in love for my people and my country. There is a need for cutting-edge intelligence and upgraded education in the American Slave Nation. PhD in the Ghetto is written so black educators will understand that they are hindering the American slave culture from advancing toward freedom. When Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated, surviving leaders changed our cultural name from Negro to African American. We have since wandered in ignorance thinking we are immigrants from Africa.

The author accepts full responsibility for the information and implications in this book and says: “The information is not personal. My hope is that the reader will see the need for factual evidence and actual comparisons about the aftereffects of slavery. If we are to wipe out racial discrimination, we must confront those who perpetuate ignorance and racial discrimination without fear of reprisal.”

While many examples referenced by the author are drawn from Simmons College of Kentucky and its president, Dr. Kevin Cosby, this school of higher learning is merely reflective of the ignorance that is spread throughout all colleges in America. Simmons College and its president are in the spotlight because they are in Louisville, Kentucky, where the author lives, where he received his Honorary Doctor of Humanities Degree and where he encounters “educated ignorance” on a daily basis. To this doctoral observer, Louisville’s higher education system, its power structure and its academic environment represent a microcosm of America as a whole. Simmons College is referenced merely to highlight a national problem. Educated ignorance extends nationwide. Any reference made to Simmons College of Kentucky, or any individual person in Louisville’s administration, is not intended to be mean-spirited. The author loves everyone, but he realizes that only God’s unedited, untainted truth will help descendants of American slaves escape their depressing, ill-informed situation. He, says, “We will never escape ignorance if we never know who or what has us chained to ignorance and confront either or both head-on.”

An Honorary Doctorate Degree (PhD) is the highest honor that a college can award. Unfortunately, most PhD’s are not prepared to lead an inherently ignorant people. Norris Shelton, says, “The PhD that I am receiving distorts factual information God is sending to unaware slaves. If I don’t use my PhD correctly, it will wind up being just another generic document that thwarts the thinking process.”

The author does not believe all black leaders who have PhD’s intend to hurt their people but, whether intentionally or unintentionally, he makes it clear that black educators do demoralizing damage to their people in a ‘systematic’ way. Norris Shelton intends to use his PhD to expose the hidden facts of slavery and the miseducation of American slaves. He says, “Once the cover of slavery is completely removed, black leaders will see that they are paid a premium to stand guard at the many gates of opportunity and stop descendants of American slaves from entering mainstream America and sharing the American dream.”

First printing, July 2019
ISBN: 978-0-9998862-5-0
Library of Congress Control Number:2019908894


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