America’s Little Black Book


Narrates the birth of the American slave culture.
by Norris Shelton

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Malignant Indifference to Slave Heritage Continues To Overshadow the Future of Black Americans

Louisvillian Norris E. Shelton published his first literary work, America’s Little Black Book, in 2005. The book addresses the continuing, troubled journey of the descendants of American slaves. His first work is the result of a personal epiphany, a spiritual flash that radically changed the way Louisville small businessman Shelton, now 71, views his own ethnic identity and that of others who share his heritage.

His conclusions provide a fresh look at the debilitating effects of prejudice and favoritism in the business world — and offer his prescription for change through collective self-realization and action. The birthright of an entire people is at stake.

In Shelton’s own words, “I have had a diverse career in pursuing and achieving, to a great degree, the American dream. Several years ago, I began searching for an avenue through which to share what I, a black man, have learned in my climb from poverty to prosperity and personal success.

“Since there is so much unrest in our inner cities, and because the prognosis is so bleak for a majority of our inner-city people, I spent almost a decade studying the causes and formulating a proposed cure for this persistent, debilitating condition. The truth: We have a dearth of leadership. Our so-called, largely self-anointed ‘black leaders’ are adrift because of a basic flaw: They don’t seem to comprehend — or are unwilling to admit — our true heritage as descendants of American slaves.” Shelton shares his own racial awakening, and his frank observations are presented in America’s Little Black Book.

“I am an American, born and bred, but, like millions of others, I have had to deal with undeserved discrimination in America — our own land!” laments Shelton. “Much of our people’s plight can be traced to our being unwilling or unable to truly appreciate and embrace our own unique heritage.

“It is not a benign neglect: Rather, Americans have developed a malignant indifference toward the inherited injustices that stem from slavery, even though the lingering aftereffects still plague our homeland today. I am a second-class citizen in my own country — the land of the free!”

Shelton believes a fresh perspective on racial issues could help pave the way for the advancement of an entire nation of abused people. His fondest hope is that his book could provide momentum for the descendants of American slaves in achieving, “a revitalization of our quest for true freedom, a renewal of the dream of an entire people!”

Printed in Louisville, the 328-page book is published under the auspices of American Slaves, Inc., an organization whose mission is to facilitate the efforts of the descendants of American slaves to overcome the persistent aftereffects of slavery by educating the descendants of slaves as to who they are and the benefits of being who they are. America’s Little Black Book is available in paperback (ISBN: 0-9765417-1-8), at $16.95, as well as in hard cover (ISBN: 0-9765417-0-X), at $26.95.

In the Louisville area, the book can be found in select bookstores, including Borders Books & Music, Carmichael’s Bookstore, A Reader’s Corner and Brownsboro Books.

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