Black Leadership Eclipse


Explains that black leaders are ignorant and inadequate.
By Norris Shelton


Merging Church and State to function effectively on the Economic Battlefield

Black Leadership Eclipse explains that American slaves were bred in America by white Americans to be slaves — and I want this truth to be known to all generations. This truth can’t be denied and shouldn’t be hushed-up any longer. Just because America doesn’t want to claim the American slave culture as her only offspring culture doesn’t make the parental connection any less prevalent. America gave birth to a humanoid-species and named the people of that species, "slaves." The offspring of the species functioned as slaves. When the Civil War ended, the offspring of American slaves were misidentified and released into a wilderness of ignorance, hate, fear and shame. Without paternal guidance and knowledge of self, we have since sought our rightful identity. We are just now realizing that American slaves were properly identified and appropriately named when America named us what she bred us to be — slaves... How ignorant could we be? We have been searching for an answer that was hidden in plain sight"

Black Leadership Eclipse is written to explain why violence, murder and crime is on the rise in "African American" neighborhoods and why cultural ignorance prevails in black communities. The name of the book says it all. Black leadership has eclipsed. Realizing there is no internal leadership in the American slave culture, the author set out on a journey to restore control among his people. Black Leadership Eclipse takes us on a journey with American slaves and shows us step-by-step how American Slaves, Inc. is taking control of the American Slave Nation. Black Leadership Eclipse should be required reading by every person in America, including immigrants.

First printing, February 2018
ISBN: 978-0-9998862-0-5
Library of Congress Control Number: 2016959627


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