The 7th Seal


Explains what the future holds for America and the slaves that America bred.
By Norris Shelton


"America's Little Black Book"

The Seventh Seal is a narration of the evolution of slavery and the continuation of American slaves that make sense. Instead of wallowing in the depression of slavery, it revels in the luxury of understanding slavery.

Race riots and racial violence in America are not America’s real problem. The real problem is the American slave culture is evolving in blind ignorance. Race riots and other racial tidings are "symptoms" of America’s racial problem. Warning signs are alerting us of disaster ahead if things don’t change.

Descendants of American slaves are misidentified in an economic society that relies on proper identification to ensure fair play among its inhalants. Descendants of American slaves who mistakenly think they are "African American" leaders have become the barrier between descendants of American slaves’ inherited ignorance and our being properly educated. Ultimately, white America, the lead culture in America, must voice the truth of slavery and sanction true freedom for descendants of American slaves.

The author has taken the sting out of slavery by accepting that he is an American slave and being proud of his proper identity. He searched until he found the "good side of slavery." He states openly, loudly and proudly that slavery is the greatest happening in American history. He states categorically that the good side of slavery far outweighs the pain of American giving birth to the American slave culture. The truth of slavery is enclosed in The Seventh Seal, and should be required reading by all Americans. Exposing the good side of slavery makes for delightful communication.

Miscommunication abolishes the truth. Misidentification is abolishing the American slave culture. The author has designed a plan to abolish misidentification and miscommunication, which will ultimately abolish the negative aftereffects of slavery. Even though his conclusion will shock you beyond belief; you will immediately recognize the absolute truth in the intelligence that he brings to the table. His revelation regarding past atrocities and prescription for positive change regarding the negative aftereffects of slavery is destined to shatter the chain of ignorance that holds American slaves in perpetual poverty. It will untangle all Americans minds from hazy speculation surrounding slavery in America.

If heeded, The Seventh Seal will end racial upheaval in America and bring perpetual peace to our homeland.

First printing, November 2016
ISBN: 978-0-9765417-7-6
Library of Congress Control Number: 2016959627


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