Gatekeepers of the American Dream


Sheds light on ignorant black leaders.
By Norris Shelton


(Unaware sentinels are guarding the doorway)

Gatekeepers of the America Dream is not written in anger. Neither is this information intended to provoke anger, cause rage, or embarrass the victims of slavery. This book is written with love, both for my people and my country. My intent is to illuminate slavery and provide a straightforward overview of the progression of American slaves, from slavery up until the present. My purpose is to shed some light on gloom and open all Americans’ minds to the light of truth. Only then will we understand that the ‘darkness of slavery’ was the process through which a new people — the American Slaves nation — was born.

This book is written in an effort to shed light on the damage black leaders do to other descendants of American slaves. The author accepts full responsibility for the implications in this document and hopes the reader will understand the necessity of its publication. While many examples referenced by the author are drawn from the city of Louisville, Kentucky, the University of Louisville and other corporations and businesses in the area, this north central Ohio River city and its distinguished institution of higher learning are merely reflective of the black leadership problem spread all across America.

First printing, May 2010
ISBN: 978-0-976-5417-7-6
Library of Congress Control Number: 2010904275


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