Miseducation of the Slave Nation


(Godly Truth is not Shameful Truth)



America’s premier colleges and universities are miseducating descendants of American slaves, aka African Americans. This book is a nationwide, public plea for America’s foremost colleges and universities to get involved in educating the American slave culture properly. When Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was leading American slaves,
they were taught they were Negroes and

Following Dr. King’s assassination, America’s top colleges and universities ‘allowed’ the American Slave Nation to be misnamed “African Americans.” When America’s top colleges and universities allow ignorance to exist within America’s education system and spread because of their verbalization, they are “teaching” ignorance. 

Descendants of American slaves are not African Americans: They are American slaves! Racial misidentification derived from racial ignorance and cultural miseducation are destroying the American Slave Nation. Misidentification derived from miseducation is a falsification that misidentifies American slaves, keep slavery coverup and descendants of American slaves depressed in inner-city ghettos and locked out of mainstream America.

If descendants of American slaves are to make it to the economic battlefield that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. told American slaves to go to when they were misidentified as Negroes, they must be accurately identified and properly educated. They must be told who they are by AMERICA’S PREMIER EDUCATORS!

Dr. Norris Shelton, Founder and President of the American Slave Nation and Colonel James Halvatgis, West Point graduate and 1st Vice President of American Slaves, Inc. (ASI), are petitioning America’s premier colleges and universities to stop miseducating the American Slave Nation and educate descendants of American slaves properly. The term African American misidentifies American slaves and nullifies their birthright. To claim their birthright (reparations for slavery), descendants of American slaves must be recognized as American slaves: America’s offspring culture…

“Miseducation of the American Slave Nation” is written to alert America’s top teaching institutions that teaching American slaves that they are African Americans keeps the abandonment of the American slave culture ongoing and stops the American Slave Nation from receiving paternal support from America its mother nation. It keeps black billionaires from realizing they are leaders of the American Slave Nation. “Racial ignorance” is imbedded from top to bottom at America’s top colleges and universities. “Miseducation of the American Slave Nation” is a wakeup call to let white colleges and universities know that American slaves survived slavery: Descendants of American slaves need your help and guidance… 


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