Spiritual Enslavement of the American Slave Nation


A continuing discourse about the birthright of America’s only begotten offspring culture



The American Slave Movement started in 1865, when Amerivan slaves were released from slavery. It came to an end, April 4th,1968, when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated for telling American slaves (Negroes) to go to the economic battlefiel. All movement in the American slave culture ceased until July 3, 2001, when American Slaves, Inc. (ASI),  was incorporated in Louisville, Kentucky. That is where it is is currently stalled. Those who are leading the Movement and those who are stopping the Movement are identified in this book.

This is an important book, because American Slave History is missing from the pages of American History. The author has accepted the responsibility of documenting the birth and existence of American slaves. Proper ducumentation would connect the paper trail of slavery and expose that descenants of American slaves are misidentified in America’s economic battlefield as Africans, aka, African Americans. This is Dr. Norris Shelton’s 18th rendition. It is not written in your normal history-book vernacular, but in real-time, everyday-language. His hope is that writing American Slave History openly from a business point of view will get white America’s attention. Realizing American slaves were programmed against reading 400-years ago, he says, including “American Slave History” without political-doubletalk and religious-shrinkage, should get descendants of American slave’s attention.

There is a cultural-breakdown in America’s foundation. It is in desperate need of repair. Racial confusion, violence and dissaray erupting across America are the negative aftereffects of slavery exploding out of control. Cultural depression, human neglect and racial abuse are causing the American slave culture to implode on itself. Weak leadership, systemic racism and cultural misidentification are causing racism to become a public health crisis nationally.

The Civil War ended, but slavery was never concluded properly; there was no closure as to why the war was fought. Lack of closure is allowing racial discrimination and cultural depression to evolve unrestrained. American slaves are crying out for help the only way they know how, through race riots and other forms of protests, which will never work; because descendants of American slaves are misidentified as African Americans. Misidentification allowss racial discrimination to grow and cultural help to be misdirected to immigrant cultures.

American slaves are misidentified and leaderless. They have no hope; they are scared and confused. In spite of repeated warnings, America’s administration has chosen to ignore the cry of a depressed people and continue adhering to racial discrimination protocol. The author has spent years drafting the American Slaves, Inc. Renaissance Plan. It will direct descendants of American slaves to the economic battlefiel that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. told American slaves to go to when they were misidentified as Negroes. The plan is designed to halt racial hatred, cultural confusion, murder and mayhem. ASI is just waiting for America (Louisville, Kentucky) to stop discriminating against descendants of American slaves and support American Slaves, Inc., the foundation of the American Slave Nation.


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