American Slaves Brain Scan


Inbred ignorance is causing the American Slave Nation to suffer economic starvation … Economic starvation leads to cultural genocide…  Economic infusion is needed to stop the genocide of descendants of American slaves…



My name is Norris Shelton. I have received two “Honorary Doctor of Humanity” degrees in the field of slavery. My first Honorary Doctor of Humanity degree was bestowed upon me by Rev. Dr. E. E. Heard, Pastor of Guiding Star Baptist Church when I completed America’s Little Black Book. My second “Honorary Doctor of Humanities” degree was bestowed upon me by Rev. Dr. Kevin Cosby, Pastor of St. Stephen Church and President of Simmons College of Kentucky, for writing American Slave History In Real Time.

God Ordained me to lead this phase of the American Slave Movement. My job entails writing American Slave History In Real Time and documenting the “American Slave Movement” as it unfolds. My first entry in this volume is that black leaders have maneuvered themselves to the forefront of the “American Slave Movement” and are stopping forward progress. My instructions are clear. Regardless of what I am seeing, or who is being seen, I must write what I see, the way I see it. The essence of this book is to bring the absolute truth of slavery out into the open in hopes that it will wake up black leaders and bring them to their senses. This book is not written in anger, nor is it written to gain favor with black leaders. Hopefully at least one black leader in America with resources will read it, recognize the untainted truth of slavery and act accordingly. With knowledge comes responsibility…

Dr. Shelton’s wish is that black leaders are strong enough to digest the truth he is documenting. His fear is that black leaders aren’t strong enough to deal with the truth and will elect to stay within the safety of ignorance. Dr. Kevin Cosby, Pastor of St. Stephen Church and President of Simmons College of Kentucky, in Louisville, Kentucky, chose to stay within the boundary of ignorance. He got angry at Dr. Shelton for writing the truth about him 20-years-ago and he hasn’t gotten over it yet. Hopefully, black leaders who are identified in this book will be intelligent enough to admit the truth and realize that I am trying to help America’s sick racial situation that they are supposed to be correcting. 

Dr. Shelton is pleading with black leaders to take the necessary time to read and digest the information in “American Slaves Brain-scan.” He asks that they stop being ashamed of their true identity and scared of the truth: Represent your people properly! American Slaves Brain-Scan is written to nurture the mindset of America and the American Slave Nation. If understood and adhered to, it will improve everyone’s life in America, white and black. Dr. Shelton asks that, before you start reading this book, take a few moments to program your mind to accept unadulterated truth. Convince your brain to allow untainted intelligence to come in. This book is a must-read for all Americans, especially black Americans… Do not allow inherited ignorance and negativity to override the positive information in this book… 


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