American Descendants of Slavery
“DUD Organization” of the Millenium

This book is written to point out that ADOS is the principal organization that is interfering with the American slave culture reaching economic freedom. It explains that ADOS, an acronym taken from “descendants of American slaves” is hindering descendants of American slaves from entering the economic battlefield that DR. Martin Luther King, Jr. told American slaves to go when they were misidentified as Negroes…



Dr. Norris Shelton, President of American Slaves, Inc. (ASI) has written nineteen books that narrate the troubled journey of descendants of American slaves. “ADOS Misfire” is his twentieth. It is written to alert America and the world that the American slave culture exist and is alive but not well. American slaves were released from slavery in ignorance without leadership or cultural direction. They still haven’t acquired economic knowledge nor business skills to compete in America’s bigoted economic arena. 

Searching through slavery archives and studying the negative aftereffects of human bondage for many years, Dr. Shelton determined that the lack of economic knowledge and business experience are causing American slaves to suffer “economic starvation,” a condition that leads to “ethnic genocide.” “Cultural ignorance” is a virus that whites created during slavery that has persevered. Dr. Shelton developed a cure for cultural ignorance in the form of two organizations that he guarantees will cure racial ignorance and economic starvation simultaneously: “American Slaves, Inc. (ASI)” and “Descendants of American Slaves, Inc. (DASI).” 

(ASI) is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that can receive donations needed to pay for upgrading the American slave culture. (DASI) is a profitmaking “strategy.” It calls for establishing cultural incubators across America capable of teaching descendants of American slaves how to own and operate businesses. This strategy is designed to employ the people. These two “business stratagems” will work in synchronization to implement “Descendants of American Slaves, Inc. Renaissance Plan.” 

Regrettably, there is a problem: Not realizing they are American slaves or that “Descendants of American Slaves, Inc. Renaissance Plan” is their plan, black leaders are unaware that a plan exist. Their ignorance is stopping the plan from going forward. This book is written to expose the “ignorance virus” so it can be cured from inside-out. That means Dr. Shelton must stop generalizing about defective black leadership and expose over-educated black leaders who are ignorant. They are interfering with the plan and plagiarizing his effort to cure the “ignorant virus.” 

The acronym ADOS was plagiarized from the designation Descendants of American Slaves. Unaware plagiarizers are holding up the operation Dr. Shelton is performing on the heartbeat of America and blocking the American Slave Movement from going forward. Dr. Shelton says: “I am a businessman. I really don’t mind people plagiarizing my life’s work if it will help humanity. I do however mind them stealing my work to help themselves while destroying my people — and I won’t stand for it.”


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