COVID-19 Windfall


American Slaves’ Birthright



American slaves are second-class citizens in the country where they were bred. Our innate intuition has been trying to tell us this since the American Civil War ended. Because of misconception and entrenched ignorance, we haven’t been able to understand the message — until now… Breonna Taylor’s untimely death shines a bright-light on Louisville, Kentucky, where the American Slave Movement has been bogged down since 2001. Dr. Norris Shelton has written seventeen-books that describe American slaves’ incestuous birth, their comatose existence and their rude awakening. Slavery started in 1619. He predicted the American slave culture would come awake in the Year 2020, 400 Years after slavery started.

Covid-19 and the killing of Breonna Taylor happening at the same time grabs worldwide media attention. Breonna Taylor is a descendant of American slaves. She lives in Louisville, Kentucky, where the American Slave Movement started and where it is currently stalled. This combination of synchronized negative events: Breonna Taylor’s death and Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak, are what we have been waiting for. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. told American slaves, aka Negroes, to go to the economic battlefield. Dr. Norris Shelton drafted American Slaves, Inc. Renaissance Plan to direct American slaves to the economic battlefield. American Slaves, Inc. Renaissance Plan is guaranteed to elevate American slaves from being second-class citizens to becoming first-class citizens.

American Slave History is being made and will be taught for the first time at Bellarmine University in Louisville, Kentucky, starting in the Fall of 2020 from the books Dr. Shelton authored. He compares the Covid-19 coronavirus to the ignorance virus that was programmed into American slaves during slavery. He says both are highly infectious diseases of epidemic proportion and both are destroying the American slave culture. The difference is the Covid-19 coronavirus is killing descendants of American slaves outright, while the ignorance virus is cloaked behind PhD stupidity and allowed to destroy the American slave culture from within, erupting in the form of race riots and other forms of protest periodically. Covid-19 and slavery are both advertised as negatives. The author is an optimist who doesn’t accept negatives. He believes in turning negatives into positives. Breonna’s “untimely death” and Covid-19 coronavirus’ “timely windfall” are significant events to the American Slave Movement: Covid-19 must be curtailed and Breonna’s death must not be in vain: Her early departure from life is her contribution to the American Slave Movement and to the freedom of her people. An “American Slave Business Incubator” should be established in Louisville, Kentucky, in her honor.

This book is not written to vent anger about the brutality, shame and degradation American slaves have suffered during slavery and since. Quite the contrary. This book is written to show Louisville how to turn Breonna’s death into a love connection instead of the hateful event it has become. Once these negative events are turned into positive outcomes in Louisville, Kentucky, the shame and hate from slavery and the destruction from Covid-19 coronavirus will turn into positive outcomes nationwide.

Dr. Norris Shelton says: “White people discriminating against black people and police killing so-called African Americans are not America’s major problem. They are side effects from American slaves being discriminated against in America’s highly competitive economic society. Descendants of American slaves are the only culture competing in America’s economic society without cultural leadership. Ignorant black leaders are discriminating against their own people. They are allowing Economic Development programs to steal American slaves’ share of Covid-19 reparations for slavery. America’s racial problem stems from American slaves being continually misidentified.”


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